Language projects :  Spanish 1 & 2

Spanish Project 1 – un tour por españa y latinoamerica


G.T. students have done research online to explore different cities and countries in Spain or in Latin America. Do you know the renowned attractions of Valencia? Do you know the population of Madrid? Is Perú a must-visit destination for ambitious and demanding foodies? Have you ever heard of Benidorm and Buñol? No ideas? Check out the posters below!

Spanish Project 2 – cuisines and festivals in Spain and South America

If you are craving for scrumptious, exotic dishes, you should definitely go food hunting in Spain and South America, which offer far more than jamón and paella. If you are a globetrotter exploring various cultures and fun events around the world, you should never miss la tomatina or la fallas but enjoy a once-in-a-lifetime experience which you can boast about.

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