About Us


About Us


Founding Body : Gifted Education Council

G.T. College was founded by the Gifted Education Council (GEC), a non-profit charitable organization for gifted education in Hong Kong.

The council was formed in 1988 by a group of concerned educators and parents. In 1995, the council decided to set up the first school for the gifted in Hong Kong.

Founder:Prof. Rex I.F. LI


School Principal:Dr. Raymond K.W. TAM

Board of Governor’s 2023/24

Chairman : Prof. K. L. CHOW
School Supervisor : Dr. Desmond Y.T. LEE
School Vice-Supervisor : Professor Rex I. F. LI
Governors :

Mr. Ricky W. S. CHENG

Mr. Rayon W. H. CHU

Ms. Sara L. N. CHUNG

Dr. Patrick IP

Dr. Joseph C.K. LIU

Mr. Simon C. K. NG

Ms. Kathy S. F. YEUNG

Ms. Gigi W.C. LEE (2024/25)

Mr. Peter C.H. HO (2024/25)

Dr. Raymond K. W. TAM

Mr. David W. K. CHAN

Mr. Alex K. C. O

Mr. Sam K. H. NG