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Professor Rex I.F. Li
Curriculum Director
Professor Li is a prominent educator of the gifted. He is the founder of the Gifted Education Council and GT College. Books & Publications from Professor Li (Curriculum Director) has published widely.
a theory of conceptual intelligence-u26488-fr
A Theory of Conceptual Intelligence: Thinking, Learning, Creativity and Giftedness
Li, Rex (1996)
Praeger Books, London
ISBN: 0-275-95326-2

This book proposes a new theory of intelligence. It outlines how evolutionary pressure favors the interaction between the symbolic world of language and the mental world, leading to the creation of concepts. In this book the author proposes the notion of conceptual intelligence, that is, intelligence as a result of thinking and learning through concepts. Conceptual intelligence is the essence of human intelligence: it enables us to represent reality in concepts, to think and understand in concepts, to learn more efficiently and deeply in concepts, and subsequently create the human knowledge enterprise.

Maximizing Potential: Lengthening and Strengthening Our Stride
Li, Rex, Chan, Jimmy, Spinks, John Eds (1997)
Social Sciences Research Centere, The University of Hong Kong
ISBN: 962-7558-26-5

This book is based on the collection of papers presented at the Eleventh World Conference on Gifted and Talented Children in Hong Kong from July 30 to August 4, 1995. This publication is truly international in the sense that not only are the authors from many different countries including United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Portugal, Sweden, Finland, Demark, Romania, Yugoslavia, Slovenia, Republic of South Africa, U.S.A., Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, People’s Republic of China, Taiwan, and Hong Kong, but also the problems and issues related to gifted and talented education are very varied and specific to their unique cultures and educational practices.

Paper presented at 7th International Conference on Thinking Singapore
Li, Rex & Chan, Jimmy (1997)
Multiple Intelligences in Hong Kong
June 1 – 6, 1997
The paper outlines the concept of Multiple Intelligences and the test constructed by the two authors to validate it. Over 400 children took the test in Hong Kong in 1996 and statistical analysis suggested the existence of multiple factors in intelligence.
Education for the 21st Century
Li, Rex (1998)
Gifted Education Council, Hong Kong
The paper outlines the international competition of the 21st century and the seven megatrends in education. It proposes that the essence of education is thinking and learning and explores new frontiers in education.
Handbook of Creativity for Teachers (In Chinese)
Li, Rex & Chan, Michael (2004)
Gifted Education Council, Hong Kong
ISBN: 988-98081-1-0
Helping Gifted Children Soar – 15 stories of gifted children in Hong Kong (In Chinese)
Li, Rex & Chan, Michael (2006)
Gifted Education Council, Hong Kong
ISBN: 988-98081-4-5
Small Class Teaching Is Not A Dream (In Chinese)
Li, Rex & Chan, Michael (2006)
Gifted Education Council, Hong Kong
ISBN: 988-98081-5-3
Nurturing Gifted Youths and Future Leaders:
The evolving World Education Systems of the 21st Century (In Chinese)
Li, Rex (2012)
Gifted Education Council, Hong Kong
ISBN: 978-988-98081-3-6