Overview: An Educator's Dream

Unique Geography

Hong Kong enjoys a unique position in Asia and the world. At the southeastern tip of China and with a unique geography and history, we have been China’s gateway to the world. Because of our history as a British Colony, we have an international outlook unsurpassed by other cities and regions in China. Founded in this unique geography and history, G.T. College has much to contribute to Hong Kong, Asia and the world.

An Educator’s Dream

G.T. College is the first school for the gifted in Hong Kong. Founded in 1996 by the Gifted Education Council of Hong Kong, it offers a wide range and unique education beyond the local school curriculum. It has an international outlook and is an educator’s dream:

“To nurture talents in the southeastern tip of China and to relate them to the world.”

All along we strive to provide quality education supported by research and human values. We are part of the world and wish to contribute in the frontier of education.