About Us

Mission and

About Us

Mission and Vision


The mission of G.T. College is to nurture talents and future leaders for society. Our educational objectives are Love, Creativity and Task Commitment.


To nurture future leaders with:

(a) Good communicative skills (English & Putonghua);

(b) Breadth of knowledge, critical thinking and good writing skills;

(c) An International perspective;

(d) An understanding of Chinese culture, history and heritage;

(e) Positive attitudes and values.

Daily Operation

• Cares, Respects and
  Encourages Students,
  Teachers and Parents
• Open Door Policy
• Consensus Management
• Rationalism
• Pragmatism
• Front line Leadership


• Openness
• Forward Looking
• Ever-Improving/
• Breaks Constraints
• Self-Directed
• Team Spirit


• Professionalism
• Frontier of Education
• Creativity
• Joy and Excellence
• Humanism
• Family Oriented


• Loves Children
• Contributes to Society
• A Learning and Creating Community

G.T. Culture Web

Culture is a product of history, people and geography. In a recent review of our history, students and teachers within the context of Hong Kong’s geography, we are able to reflect on our culture which carries us forward. Here we formulate the G.T. Culture Web.

In the heart our culture is our goals: loving children, contributing to society and becoming a learning and creating community. Without this goal, G.T. is a body without soul, words without meaning. Our goal pushes us along, to develop our values, attitude and way of management in our daily operation. This includes: DAILY OPERATION, ATTITUDE, VALUES AND GOALS.