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G.T. College provides a wide span of varied curricula to the gifted students in Hong Kong. I sincerely hope that our children can grow happily and healthily in an environment of love and care. G.T. students would be nurtured to think freely and critically, and to be able to develop to the best of their potential and creativity. They would learn to be open and receptive to new ideas and to establish positive  values of life. They are taught to treat people with love, to be empowered with unlimited creativity, to be diligent and to aim high. They would eventually enjoy their rich lives with excellence.

I benefit much from the following saying which I like to share with all of us:

“Winning doesn’t always mean being first; winning means you’re doing better than you’ve done before”

(Bonnie Blair: America’s world record – holding speed skater)

Dr. Raymond K.W. TAM
G.T. College