Talent Development Program

Talent development programs are parts of the school-based curriculum that complement the core for the whole-person development of students in G.T. College. They play an important role in helping students to lead a healthy life, fostering students’ life-long interest and cultivating positive values and attitudes through different learning experiences.

Building on the foundation of the five essential learning experiences in the basic education, we will offer students a wide range of opportunities, structured learning sessions and variety of co-curricular activities, encouraging them to participate in four Talent Development programs, namely Clubs and Interest Group, Talent Class, Elective Day, and Sports Friday and A.S. Gifted Programs.


  • To develop a broad and balanced curriculum, provide students with rich and diversified learning experiences
  • To help students to lead a healthy life and achieve whole-person development
  • Nurture students’ positive values and attitudes
  • To develop students multiple intelligence, and to widen students’ horizons
  • To develop students’ confidence and generic skills, especially of collaboration, communication, creativity, critical thinking and aesthetic appreciation.
  • To facilitate students’ all round development as lifelong learners