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About Us

The International Exchange Department coordinates all exchange activities between G.T. College and elite schools around the world. These schools are premier schools honored with outstanding achievements in teaching and learning, particularly in gifted education and science. G.T. secondary section starts in 1995 and the earliest international exchange activity dates back to 2004.The number of exchange schools will continue to grow in years to come.


Through international exchange activities, G.T. College endeavors:

  1. To enhance international mindedness of students through visiting overseas schools and serving as host families in return.
  2. To provide a learning platform for students to reach out to the culture, language, customs and education system in the countries they visited and from the guests they received into their homes.
  3. To encourage global friendship.
  4. To promote G.T. College overseas and foster closer ties amongst gifted schools around the globe.
  5. To present and preserve Hong Kong and Chinese culture to students and teachers worldwide.
  6. To engage chaperon teachers in global networking and mutual learning with teachers overseas.