Talent Development Program

Accelerated Class

There are variety of programmes specifically designed in G.T. College to cater for students with different talents and abilities.

Providing a channel for students with specific talents in learning, Accelerated Class is academically oriented to prepare GT students for further study or to do research. It develops and stretches the potential of GT students in the following five areas: Chinese, English, Mathematics, Science,Music and P.E. The accelerated curricula for each subject goes beyond the basic syllabuses adopted by the students in the mainstream. New, relevant and advanced topics, not overlapping with the existing curriculum, will be introduced. An accelerated class may take the form of lectures, individualised research projects, field trips or exchange programs.


Aim of Course:

It aims at improving students’ awareness and understanding of English by examining different genres and contexts. Students will have the opportunity to develop their knowledge of the English language in an enriched and creative classroom setting.

The small class size allows students much more speaking time and attention from the Native English-speaking teacher (NET). As a result they can increase their self-confidence and improve at a faster rate.


Aim of Course:

It aims at enhancing students’ capacity for logical thinking and reasoning, enhancing standard of mathematics, fostering interests in mathematics and enriching the appreciation of mathematics. The course covers different aspects of learning, which include analysis, creativity, inference, critical thinking and problem solving techniques.

Diversified topics are included in the curriculum to encourage self-initiated learning, analysis, exploring, critical thinking and application. Additional training materials will also be provided for the mathematically gifted students to maximize their potential. All the Grade 9 students in Accelerated class attempt the examination of syllabus in IGCSE.


Aim of Course:

Accelerated class in Science is academically oriented to prepare GT students to further study or to do research in Science. The purpose of this course is to further develop and stretch the potential of GT students in the Science. The course is designed mainly to arouse students’ interest, widen their scientific knowledge and cultivate their scientific mind. The accelerated curriculum is built on the basic Integrated Science syllabus developed by the CDC in Hong Kong. In addition, new, relevant and advanced topics or social issues related to science and technology will be introduced. The course mainly takes the form of lecturing, research project, competition, field trip or talks.


Aim of Course:

The course aims to foster students’ musical knowledge and skills through various professional training in musicianship, music composition and history.

Head of Accelerated Class, Mr. Benny H.S. Lai