Students' Union

Welcome to the website of G.T. (Ellen Yeung) College Student Union.

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The Student Union aims:

  1. to promote whole-person development for G.T. students based on the school’s education principles;
  2. to act as a bridge between G.T. teachers and students and increase the sense of belonging of G.T. students; and
  3. to utilise community resources outside the school and enrich the learning experience of G.T. students.

Teachers-in-charge (2022-23)

Mr. Alex O (Assistant Principal)

Mr. Philip Kwan (Head)

Ms. Sabrina Chan (Vice Head)

Dr. Ken Cheng

Miss Tracy Lo

Committee Members (2022-23)


Crystal Cheung (11C)

Internal Vice Present

Angeline Chan (11A)

External Vice President

Alie Ho (11B)

Secretary General

Rachel Chiu (10C)

Committee Members

Nathan Ching (9B)

Ryan Yip (11A)

Chelsea Ho (8D)

Clayton Sze (9C)

Isaac Choi (11C)

Phoebe Chan (8A)


Activities (2022-23)


Easter fun activity
Game Booth Day
Halloween fun activity
Inaugural speech by SU President