Information Session: Higher Education in Germany and Spain

On 30 March 2021, the Third Languages Group organized an information session concerning higher education in Germany and Spain for the whole school. Two guest speakers, Mr. Manuel Grösch from the German Consulate in Hong Kong and Mr. Javier Fernández Diaz from the Spanish Consulate in Peking, had been invited to introduce students to the popular faculties, world-renowned universities, and application procedures in the respective country. Mr. Wallace Ma and Ms. Jamie Li also shared their overseas study experiences and personal views towards the German or Spanish culture. While G10 – G11 students could enjoy a quiz game and gain practical information about the study in the two European countries, G7 – 9 students also endeavoured to complete a game sheet for a lucky draw by paying full attention to the talk.

For more information about the study in the two European countries, click on the icons below:

Download the PPT “Studying in Germany”

Link of video

Principal Dr. Tam presenting the souvenir to Mr. Manuel Grösch and taking a photo with Mr. Leo Tsui, Mr. Wallace Ma and Ms. Jamie Li


Professor Li emphasizing the importance of learning a third language in his speech


Mr. Fernández giving a talk via Google-Meet


G.10 – 11 students asking the speakers for more information and participating actively in the quiz game

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