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In G. T. College, Moral Education Group (MEG) is responsible for:

• enhancing gifted students in G.T blooming talents in their own strength

• supporting students with emotional behavioural challenges or different special needs

• providing extra talks to parents and students


• To develop programme of study; learning objectives; learning and assessment exemplars for students with SEN;

• To work in collaboration with teachers on the development of school-based curriculum so as to enhance students’ learning;

• To design and produce reference materials;

• To conduct seminars, workshops and experience sharing sessions for enhancing teachers’ professionalism;

• To encourage students to participate in the “Seed Project” on issues which are in line with the aims of curriculum reform.


As curriculum development is a continuous process, it should be updated and improved from time to time to meet new needs of society and students. It is expected that during its on-going enhancement process, participation and support from schools; frontline personnel as well as parents are essential elements that contribute to its success.