GT believes that students are what they read. Reading the English classics is an essential English curriculum design. Through reading various English literary classics, students can learn to appreciate English culture via English literature, develop critical reading skills, and boost their literacy level on the whole.

Students can have a sense of ownership in the English texts they read in the Readathon lesson. Different genres will be covered, especially fantasy fiction. Students have the autonomy in deciding the level of difficulty of their readers. A reading journal on ideas and vocabulary will be the consolidation task for every week. Students will have their term presentations on their self-chosen readers.
G7-9 students can explore, apply, and master a variety of grammar items through authentic English materials and interactive activities. Thematic vocabulary is integrated in the learning process. Students experience grammar in use via the authentic scenario, pair work, or group work.
G.T. G8 students will have a chance to measure their English language growth via the IGCSE international assessments in English reading, writing, and listening. There will be different foci in the three terms, such as reading, writing, and listening skills. Students are expected to improve their English via building an authentic English reading-and-listening habit, as well as writing different English genres, such as the email, letter, article, and essay on diverse topics.
This special program aims to increase students’ language exposure and identify some students of higher calibre for the acceleration of on-campus and off-campus English learning, ranging from English drama, media work to English public speaking.

GT is committed to supporting individual needs through an array of academic programs designed for catering to the needs of the diverse learners of English. For example, the English Focus Group is provided for less able or weaker G12 students with intensive lessons, while the English Advancement Group is intended for students of high caliber and strong motivation to achieve high in life.

G.T. writing takes a six-year spiral pathway to English writing competency using our school-based materials developed by GT teachers. In junior forms, the emphasis is placed on exposing students to a wide range of text types, organization, planning, and proofreading skills. In senior forms, students are provided with opportunities of writing a variety of academic and creative genres with the focus on exploring advanced college writing skills. In the conferencing lessons, teachers work one-on-one to rectify students’ mistakes with special focus on composition skills in content, language, and organisation. Students can benefit more from the specific, individual, and constructive feedback from their conferencing teachers.